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Modern Wizards is a mobile Role-Playing Game to be played by… GPS, in Your neighborhood. Discover the parallel world of Magic, find out the origin of fairy tales and superstitions, learn to use powerful spells. Become the Modern Wizard!


Volunteers needed!

„Bayery Farmaceuticals is looking for testers of a newly developed serum, based on traditional recipes. The volunteers will be amply rewarded. Willing, showing good physical condition and lack of addictions are welcome to contact branch offices. Applications will be accepted electronically through Modern Wizards project webpage."

In General:

Modern Wizards is a game for mobile phones (with Android OS), which is to be played  using the built-in GPS device. This means You literally have to move around the neighborhood to play.

The player takes on the role of himself stepping into the parallel world of magic. By becoming a "tester of new Specific" is involved in a plot between the organizations of magicians who live in modern times. The game takes place in traveling around the actual place of living, on the way to school / work / shop , at the bus, bicycle or while walking, and many more occasions.

Using the Game application you can notice transcendental plants that grows around. Those can be used to prepare magical potions.

During the progress in the Game, You will learn to cast powerful spells, such as Out Of Body travel , telekinesis or large number of offensive spells. Those can be casted using mana gathered from nerby sources.

You will need them, as on your way to complete the Quests You will be often attacked by supernatural creatures. 


The game works anywhere in the world, if it is only possible to specify the location by GPS. Map data (tasks, creatures, plants, sources of mana and other objects) is generated for the current location of the player.

Geohashing ensures that the two players found in the same area of the world will have the same map generated, so they can go on the same quest.

The game also works offline, in areas beyond the reach of the Internet and mobile telephony.


Moreover, the game is free, created by enthusiasts.


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