Bayery Farmaceutics

Following the official site of Bayery Farmaceutics:

The Bayery Farmaceutics company was founded in 1672 by doctor Edward Talbot. From the beginning, our purpose is to popularize natural methods of treatment of diseases and to support branches of pharmacy which are often neglected by other producers.  For tree hundred years we make every effort to provide you medicines based on traditional recipes which are both highly effective and absolutely safe. We continue our mission as we believe that our researches are contributing harmonic development of the human species. Just as Doctor Talbot said - "welfare of humanity is the supreme good".

The Bayery Farmaceutics:

  • employs almost 20,000 highly qualified specialists who create one perfect mechanism;
  • has 42 subsidiaries and branch offices located on all the seven continents;
  • runs 3 modern research facilities which provide friendly and safe working conditions for scientists;
  • is the sponsor of "St. Dunstan's Bayery" charity foundation which has budget of 25,000,000 euro a year;
  • is leaded by professor Edgar James Talbot, a descendant of legendary doctor Edward Talbot.